• Natural wines since 1977

    without any additives, biodynamic method since 1984

    Our wines
  • Delicious seasonal receipes related to our territory

    made with our biodynamic farm products, intense taste with great gastronomic and nutritional qualities

    Our restaurant
  • Vegetables, fruits and cereals

    from a healthy, sustainable agriculture able to leave the soil improved and enriched

    Our vegetable garden
  • Fresh bread

    Grains of ancient varieties, leavening with sourdough, baked in a wood oven

    Our bakery
  • Yoghurts, fresh cheese, and delicious seasoned cheeses

    Natural breeding method, pure and genuine milk, raw milk processing, artisan process

    Our cheese factory


Cascina Degli Ulivi is a biodynamic farm located on the hills of Gavi region (South Piemonte, Italy). Stefano Bellotti has been producing fine wine respectful of nature for more than 40 years. The farm is known especially for its wines exported all around the world, but there is a lot more behind it. We also work as a self-sufficient farm, growing our own vegetables and cereals, breeding animals for milk, meat and eggs, and making our own bread and cheese. Our agriturism welcomes you every day: you can buy our farm products and wines. Our restaurant welcomes you for lunch and dinner. Come and enjoy flavorful Piedmont recipes made of the living products of our land! If you want to enjoy a holiday at our farm, you can also stay in our cozy guesthouse for a night or a few days. We look forward to welcoming you soon!

Cascina degli Ulivi’s Team

The agricultural product is a flower that blossoms from the encounter of love between the creativity of nature and that of man.
Stefano Bellotti

Read the portrait of a farmer...

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