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Cascina degli Ulivi - Byodinamic wines and agriculture in Piedmont - Italy

la cascina

Cascina degli Ulivi is a biodynamic farm up in the hills of Novi Ligure, 30 Kms south-east of Alessandria, an extremely vocated wine area in Piedmont (Italy).

The farm is renowned especially for the wines but there is a lot more behind it: a diversified production of fruit, vegetables and cereals, animal breeding, a holiday home where you can take meals prepared using our own produce and enjoy a holiday – short or long – in our lovely countryside.

Stefano Bellotti says:
<<I started farming in 1977, as an 18year-old, reclaiming the family farm where there was no more that 1 hectare of vineyard left. Almost from the beginnings I worked organically and since 1984, I practice biodynamic farming.

vigna in inverno a cascina degli ulivi

Today we have 22 hectares of vineyards, 10 ha of crops, rotating between wheat and forage, 1 hectare of vegetable garden, about 1000 fruit trees and a small cow stable as well as poultry.

In the vineyards we sow different grass seeds every second row to help with soil structure and humus formation and we use minimal quantities of copper sulfate (less than 2Kg/ha per year) and sulfur.

We produce cereals from ancient varieties and we reap and bind in sheaves and we only thresh two months after harvest, thus giving the grains enought time to ripe to perfection. The grains are then stone-milled giving us flours of exceptional quality and nutritional value.

The vegetable garden and orchard supply our kitchen as well as the B&B, private customers and family buying groups.

Recently we have acquired a neglected farm on the mountains nearby and there we have planted 2 hectares of timorasso, a local grape variety. In our dreams we have a project of social and educational farming for that special place. >>

i vini

le bottiglie di vino di cascina degli ulivi

We ever since produce natural wines, without manipulations. We use the grapes of our vines cultivated with the biodynamic method. We are firmly convinced that the art of wine-making is the art of accompaining the wine in its natural transformation process.
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